Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra is the top, auditioned, performance-based orchestra. Students are encouraged to study privately and will perform at least 4 concerts during the school year with additional mandatory performances when appropriate venues are available. Course time is spent exploring and preparing music in varying styles from baroque, classical, romantic, modern 20th century and many other genres. Students will develop individual technical ability, musicality, intonation, tone production, music reading ability and a higher level of understanding music through the study of music theory and music history. All Symphony Students will perform with chamber groups at Solo and Ensemble. The Symphony Orchestra is joined by members of the Wind Ensemble once a week to study and prepare full orchestra pieces. Symphony Orchestra members also have the opportunity to audition for IMEA district and all-state groups, participate in solo ensemble, and audition for the extra-curricular ensembles Bear Strings and Sinfonietta. The Symphony Orchestra will be part of a performance tour every third year with plans to travel in a variety of music and culturally valuable venues. It is the desire that all students leave the orchestra program with a love and passion for participating in and enjoying quality music throughout their lives. This course may be repeated.